Introduction of WildDream University

WildDream University (WDU) is a comprehensive university of ferals/anthros located in WildDream City. The university has six colleges: the College of Humanities, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Science, the College of Engineering, the College of Arts, and the College of Medicine.

The predecessor of WildDream University, Wild & Dream College, was founded in 1792 as the first modern institution of higher education for dragons and other beast races, regardless of the species and body size of the students. From the late 18th century to the early 19th century, the modern idea of equal exchange between dragons and other beast races gradually flourished. Under the suppression and purge of the traditional dragon forces, a generation of romantic young dragons and beasts struggled unremittingly and finally took their place on the mainland. The establishment of Wild & Dream College is in such a special historical background. The name of the academy commemorates the friendship between the young wolf “Wild” and the young dragon “Dream”, which was widely celebrated during the school’s establishment. At the beginning of the school, the school was suppressed and besieged by the traditional forces due to its distinctive system of having dragons and other beast races in the same school, and was forced to be run semi-undergrounded. Even the location of the school is moved several times. However, the close combination of the dragon’s talent in energy control and observation and the beast’s accumulation of theoretical research led to the rapid rise of the academy’s research capabilities, especially in the long-term development of parallel universe observation technology, which was not favored by the traditional dragons. 1820, the Academy’s Astrology and Astronomy Observatory first discovered another parallel world with intelligent life (what we now know as “human world”), establishing the academy’s position as the continent’s top academic institution.

With the gradual growth of a multi-species colony of dragon-beast equals, the WildDream city was founded in 1824. Along with the city’s demand for multidisciplinary and multispecies resources, Wild & Dream College changed its name to WildDream University in the same year, gradually transforming from a smaller-scale research and teaching institution into a comprehensive university with five faculties: arts, science, engineering, medicine and art. In order to make the multi-species and multi-form dragons and beast students live in harmony, WildDream University has taken various innovative initiatives, including the establishment of a pure beast dormitory area with a variety of typical habitats (caves, forests, meadows, etc.) and the installation of a large dragon landing and activity area.

In the field of science and culture, WildDream University has made important contributions to the exploration of civilizations across world lines. in 1834, WildDream University was the first to build a prototype of a beast-carrying shuttle that could jump between world lines. By observing and studying the civilization and technology of the human world, especially the wave of information technology in human society in the 20th century, WildDream University has rapidly developed in the fields of information science and other fields. Today, many of the excellent technological achievements of the human world can also be seen in WildDream University.